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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-9475.

From: Todd N8JWT
What a great rig! I've made more that one contact that returned with the comment "WOW!" after I told them what I was using. I use an 8Ah jump start battery pack and a homebrew double bazooka dipole. I've also used and inverted L with the MFJ 971 tuner with great results. The VFO doesn't need to be touched after about 10 minutes of warmup (assuming the room temperature hasn't changed much.) Audio clarity was also remarked as very good by contacts. I re-calibrated the VFO and adjusted the AGC and audio limiter as outlined in the manual when I received it as things can get knocked out of whack during shipping.

If you want a great single band rig and want to keep it simple, the 9475 is the way to go.

What a nice QRP rig. I received mine on 1-23-2012 after three months of waiting on a backorder. The rig didn't want to copy LSB at all. Took it to MFJ and they checked it out and gave me a new rig. The new rig does a great job on The MS Sideband Net. I have my MFJ-9475 connected to a 75 meter dipole via a MFJ-945E tuner. I use a 4 amp power supply for the radio. It puts out 12 watts of power. The receiver drift is stable after about an hour. I like the fine tuning knob. It works real well. The headphone jack on the rear of the radio is a welcome addition. The receiver is crisp and the small speaker sounds good. I use mine in my shack but this rig would be fun for campground use or field day. This was a nice addition to my shack. Keep up the good work MFJ.

HF/VHF/220MHZ/UHF,.530-230,415-470MHZ,SWR ANALYZER
$399.95 each

COBWEB HF,1/2 WAVE, 5-BD, 10,12,15,17,20M 1.5KW
$249.95 each

COBWEB,HF,1/2 WAVE, 5-BD,10,12,15,17,20 M,300W
$219.95 each

$409.95 each

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