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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-949E.

From: Jeff Brone WB2JNA
I have been using the MFJ 949E (I bought it used) for a year and a half now and it's a pretty nice tuner. The switching between dummy load and tuner /coax positions is convenient, and the tuner does a good job with any reasonable load I try to tune. The meter is large and easy to read, and the cross needle system for reading SWR takes only a little time to get used to. For the price, it's been very useful to me.

From: Richard McMahon KG5IF
This is my third MFJ tuner. I have the 901B and 986 Versatuner. I purchased the 949E for its features such as the cross needle meter, and the internal dummy load. Its pretty much the same as the 901B but it eliminates the need to carry a wattmeter/swr bridge and dummyload when operating portable. The tuner matches most anything I hook it to. As far as reliability all features work as advertised. For someone wanting a tuner for portable operation or for their first tuner for a 100W rig or less I'd highly recommend it.

From: James T. Lee, MD K5KKV
This is a well built tuner and I am using one this week out here in Vermont on the side of a mountain. It is helping me feed a full-wave loop on 18MHz with ladder line. A dandy tuner with all of the basic features. Unless you "run power" this is a totally adequate tuner for every application. Highly recommend !

From: Kevin Vermeer WWŘJD
I owned one of these tuners for years and it always performed well. It re-tunes to previous settings quickly and easily.(Just keep a log of your initial settings for each band and frequencies.) If you run ladder line or a coax with an antenna that isn't resonant every where you'd like to operate, then this is a safe way to go. Your rig will thank you! Great quality at a great price!
Sincerely - Kevin WWŘJD

From: peter m3rou
I bought this tuner 2013 and used it on low power and it does exactly what it says on the box. The dummy load and the wattmeter this a very good box. just picked up a second hand mfj928 when I have got used to it I will write a review

From: Gary Kastner KB3QYP
I am sold on MFJ products. I started buying MFJ with the MFJ-751B, it actually did what it is advertised to do, next I purchased MFJ-1040C, a preselector, for my Yaesu VR-5000; the third purchase was an MFJ-949E antenna tuner. I have a vintage Knight T-60 transmitter & with the 'transceiver preselector’ I am able to use all three MFJ products, VR-5000, and the T-60 as one unit. I have to manually throw two switches but it works as one. I can now use my dipole antennas not just for receive but also transmit.

Gary Kastner

From: Ron L. WA2FPR
I use this antenna tuner daily. Just want to mention that I can use it to tune the 6 meter band with no issues at 300 watts output.

From: Toby KF4LHN
I had been out of the HF Business for about 18 years. Decided to get back into the hobby. I purchased this tuner for two reasons, the cost and the fact it had a built in SWR meter. I live in a home owners association and am limited on the antennas I can use. I constructed a 10/20 fan dipole in my attic. Took me 30 seconds to tune the antenna on 20 meters and about a minute to make my first qso. I continued to make contacts for several hours on 10 and 20 meters. So far, I'm very pleased.

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