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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-956.

From: Mr. Ed KF4HPY
10 July 2012. Am using this tuner with my Ten-Tec RX-320 SDR receiver. It does peak the SW and BC stations. LW is not good on the SDR unit. Tried it on the Icom 706 MKIIIG, It did help on the local beacon at 365 KHz; but, on 680 KHZ it brought up WCNN (North Atlanta) to a good level with little noise. Unit has bypass for comparasison. I was using a long wire antenna on the SDR radio and 80m dipole with the Icom. My location 60 miles (100km) from Atlanta. I don't remember when I bought this tuner; I think it may have come with the SDR radio as part of the SWL box I bought from another ham along with Passport to World Radio and World Radio % TV books. This a nice small companion to the DX-320

From: John H. Guillory kf5qeo
This is an awesome antenna tuner for the price! That being said, it may not be considered the best, but when I was told I would need a tuner for most HF bands, I thought I'd never be able to afford an antenna tuner after purchasing the radio, antennas, and mounting supplies. One little bit of information, if using in a vehichle, be sure your vehichle is well away from trees, metal objects, other cars, etc. Amazing the difference moving the antenna up 2 feet in front of the next vehichle makes! I normally think about this before tuning an antenna, but some reason didn't think of it one time... (now I do!) If your antenna is in an area that will give you poor SWR's due to the location of other objects, with this tuner setup, you will actually get even higher SWR's! I tuned my antenna down to a 2:1, hooked up the MFJ-956 and got a 4:1! Moved the vehichle back, got it down to a 1.5:1, hooked up the MFJ-956 and got it down to a 1.0:1! It makes a difference! For some reason, moving the switch to the Bypass is not quite the same as disconnecting the MFJ-956 and hooking the antenna straight into the radio. I get a slightly better SWR and signal when in bypass rather than without the MFJ-956, so apparently it isn't a direct bypass. I've had it a few days on 12 meters with the 12 meter ham stick, and am not complaining a bit! If it had more positions and smaller frequency ranges, I'd probably be able to use my 12 meter antenna for 10 meters, even though it's best to match the antenna to the band as much as possible.

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ANT. SW., 4 POS., 2.5 KW PEP, 0-450 MHZ, GND, LP.
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