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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-962D.

From: Curtis McAdams KG6UCW
Have been using the MFJ-962D for about 6 months and have not had a bit of trouble. Oh yea I have also been using it with an Ameritron AL-811 amplifier.

From: Elden N1ETN
I've been using my 962D for several years with an AL-811. The tuner works very well except for one very minor problem which only took a few minutes to fix. That was a set screw on the antenna selector switch inside the tuner loosened. After tightening it, no further problems. Ihighly recommend the 962D tuner. Thanks for your products, Martin.

From: Raymond w5vpu
OK Tuner. Works well on 75 up with 100 watts input. Will also work on these higher frequencies with mid-sized amp. Will not tune out a small amount of impedence on 160 with only 100 atts out; Capacitor and inductance both too small. Cross hair meters are good. Like the push button on/off switches for peak or average power, high or low power, and meter lamp one/off.

From: Gary Sawyer W0GDS
I have owned and used the MFJ-962D Manual Tuner for over two years now. It is everything it is said to be and more! I have excellent tuning and SWR maatching with this unit. It will handle all the power I have at my station without difficulty. From 160m thru the MARS Bands, and all the way up to 6m - the MFJ-962D works well and I have used various types of antennas with this tuner, and never had any problems tuning. A quality piece of equipment that any new HAM or seasoned HAM could own in the manual category. A lot of value for the price and I highly recommend this Tuner to all stations.

From: preston g4mla
i bought this tuner in January 2010 and use it with 300 Watts output. To some suprise the tuner tuned my unun very well and it resonated a quaterwave for 80 Meters on topband. I have worked all over Europe on topband and 80 Meters with this setup. I bought mine direct from the U.S. and paid the import vat and it was still cheaper than from a british outlet. I can recommend this tuner to anyone looking for a over 300 Watts version.

From: Lou Ribble n3od
I bought my 962D used.The gentleman selling it for an SK's estate said it needed a new roller inductor. It turned out that a set screw inside the inductor was loose. I tightened the set screw and it works perfectly for me on all bands with my 160 meter dipole. It even tunes flat on 6 meters. This is an amazing piece of gear and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a quality tuner at a fair price.

From: Jim Kasa W6JPK
I bought the MFJ-962D tuner just a few months ago and it has been working better than expected. I have the AL-811 amplifier and an MFJ-1796 antenna. This tuner works great on the WARC bands and I have worked some great DX. The antenna is not designed for WARC but I have no problem getting a low SWR with power on 17 meters and barefoot on 12 meters. 73's W6JPK

From: Marco PY2XH
I've been using my 962D for several months with an AL-80B.
I highly recommend the 962D tuner, its fantastic. Thanks for your superb products, Marco, PY2XH.

From: Jan Cronje ZS6JJC
Hi! I purchsed my 962D about a year ago. No problems - tunes anything. Even tunes the 160m inverted-V for 80m. That's why I also bought the MFJ-analyser to determine what the resistive component of the antenna is. I only run 100w - other reviews at high power may differ?

From: Greg W8VIJ
I have owned this tuner for several years now. The only issues I had with it roller need lubrication and Watt/SWR meter light bulb would burn out. After the second bulb burned out I replaced with a icy blue LED and will never have to replace it again. That was easy to do. I use it to tune a loop antenna and it will tune across the band 1:1 with no problem. It is a decent tuner for a ham on a fixed budget.

From: Dennis Coolbroth KA1KPA
I have been using my 962 D for a little over 2 years now with my 811 amp still works great.

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