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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-993B.

From: Richard K6IPC
Works great and easy to use. Tunes my antennas down to 1:1.
Looking to buy the higher power version to use with an amp.

From: Dan KØDLW
Great tuner, as the ad says, it learns as you play. Many frequency's and bands tune to 1:0 -1:1 after some use. Works good with the interface cable to my Yaesu. I have bought the new MFJ-998 works as good as the 993 with the higher powers BUT MFJ does not make an interface cable for it and as I was told don't plan to??

From: Rick W8RCM
I've used my MFJ-993B for 3 years and I've really enjoyed it. I used it on my 80 meter slooped loop home brew. This tuner was able to my my rigs (Yaesu, ICOM and Kenwood) sing even on 160 meter..got to love it. This is an A+++ item.

From: Ken KF0F
Mostly works as advertised. I use it with an 80m dipole and ladder line. Sometimes it won't tune on 20m so I go a band higher and 'kick it', then drop back to 20m and it will tune FB.

From: John Morman KE5YGC
The MFJ-993-B uses The MFJ-5124-Y interface cable (BOX).
The Box Must be hooked up too the Back of the radio.
By the use of second cable,MFJ-5114-Y,Then GOOD to GO..
These are for a Yaesu FT-450. Change Number's for other BRAND's.





From: Dave Casler KE0OG
Super tuner! I've had it about a year now and it works flawlessly. It tunes down to 1.5:1 automatically, but I can touch it up to 1:1 and it remembers those settings the next time. My antenna is an 80M full-wavelength loop, and this little tuner autotunes the loop on all bands. I recommend it.

From: Tom wd2i
I have had my 993B for over a year, and boy what a performer. I have a 160m dipole, use it for every band and tunes almost flat every time. Used to have the Ten Tec 238B, not anymore. Excellent piece of equipment.

From: keneth schroer km4xd
Easy install and use with dipole on all bands. Fast tuning (1 second is typical). Very pleased with performance.

From: Jim Krupnik KQ4MK
I own two of these tuners, and I am as pleased as I can be with both. One has been used for matching a 450 Ohm fed balanced 160 meter dipole, and a 160 meter horizontal loop at my previous base station for several years, and the other is dedicated to my current Subaru mobile IC-7000 all-mode station.

Both tuners have been flawless, and have a tuning range that rivals all comparable units I have either tried, or am aware of at full 300W input. As a bonus, the 993B will tune to match an unbelievable 6,000+ Ohms when set to 150 Watt mode. That works out to double the already broad 300 Watt tuning range, and allows me to instantly match almost any radiator to suit my IC-7000 with the press of a button. It is a fantastic tool at a very reasonable price.

In my current mobile setup (I have serious antenna restrictions to deal with for the near future), I glued, screwed, and soldered a big MFJ triple mag-mount with a 3/8 x 24 female thread to the geographic center of mass of my old Subaru wagon. I used the mag-mount to spread the load over as broad an area as possible on the roof panel. I glued the magnets to the roof, through-bolted each magnet to a 2" washer under the roof panel, and soldered a 3/4" wide strap directly from the main deck of the mount to the roof panel directly below.

A short (1.5' long) length of high grade coax passes through the roof from the MFJ mag-mount deck at that very point, and mates to the "antenna A" SO-239 connector of the MFJ 993B tuner that I mounted to the headliner inside the car, directly below the outside antenna mount.

The body of the IC-7000, and the MFJ battery booster I use are all well hidden behind the rear seat of the car, and connecting cables are routed out of sight through various trim panels. The control head, and the ICOM SP-10 speaker are mounted high up at the front of the vehicle, in plain view of the driver/front passenger. I also have a laptop connection via an RS CI-V USB cable for HRD v5 radio control, as well as a SignaLink USB device for full digital mode operation.

This setup is a real trip, in the most generous usage of the term. It is as sweet as it gets for me to date. I have as best an RF/DC ground situation as is possible on my old Subaru, and the 3/8-24 mount on the roof allows me to try most any antenna possible. Currently, I have had great success running MFJ HamTenna sticks on 6, 20, 40, and 75 meters. When on the road, I run them as shipped. When parked, I add the MFJ 4.5' extender stick to the bottom of the stack. For 10 meters, I use an old Wilson CB antenna. For everything in between, I use either a plain 108" whip, or add the whip on top of the MFJ 4.5' extender stick when parked.

The bottom line is that I have unreal success working all bands from my relatively cheap mobile station. My 75 meter contacts to Europe and Asia from my driveway, plus the reports from Stateside hams hammer the point home. You can hear, and be heard with a sweet mobile setup, and MFJ has most of the tools you need to get there for a very fair price.

On 160 meters, I park under a local tree that has an insulated wire tossed over it's peak (about 60'), and terminated in a well hidden alligator clip about 10' off the ground. I park under the tree, clip the wire to my 75 meter standard whip, and the MFJ-993B tuner makes a perfect match in about a second.

I can tune to any part of any band my installed stick antenna is suitable for in a flash with the 993B tuner, including 160 meters on the tree wire, or the odd bands on just a long whip. The 993B has always been a rock solid addition to my various base stations over the past few years, but it has become a real revelation since covenants forced me to build a full-time mobile station. I honestly don't think you can buy a better, or more feature laden auto tuner in the 300W class than the MFJ 993B. If you can, it must be a well guarded secret, as I have yet to find it.

Since it is Christmas time though, I'll pass along what would be a perfect upgrade, from my point of view...

In the 300W class, the 993B is pretty much perfect from my perspective, but my mobile station development is becoming "mature" pretty fast, and I'm starting to think about adding some power. I'm thinking about 500-600W. The problem is, that power level leaves my "perfect" auto tuner out in the cold, and none of the other higher powered tuners offered today are able to match it's performance.

I would drool for a high powered version of the 993B that offered the same awesome matching range, split over a 600/300 Watt world, with close physical size, and the same feature set/control layout of the 993B. I would pay double the 993B price for such a tuner, and be happy to own the finest 600W auto tuner in the world. Meanwhile, if you could live with 300W or less going to your antenna, I don't think there is another tuner in the world that can match the 993B, never mind top it.

Jim K

From: Allen NQL
Had the 993b for a couple of months now, So far I haven't found anything it won't tune! Tunes a Butternut HF2V 40/75 mtr vertical and an offset windom flat on all bands, I got lucky and found the 993b on sale at HRO for $219.00 w/free shipping, plus I picked up the Yaesu 857 interface at the same time, although I've never used the interface with the tuner yet. The only problem I had with it was when I took it out of the box something was rattling around inside. I took it apart and found the audio board completely loose and hanging by the wires ! Luckily both bolts and spacers were what was rattling around so I just bolted the board where it belonged and haven't had a anymore problems. Again great tuner, but the quality control could be a bit better..

From: Angelo Occhini IK0MIZ
Good afternoon. I have a question for Mfj-993b and it very important for me to buy this device.I have just a tunermfj-969 that warks well on all frequencies spectrum but it's manual. Now i ask to you if 993b go in transmition, inside 1,8-30 mhz, on 60 mt.for example or 27 mhz and others frequencies???Thanks.

From: Jim Clark N3MVX
Nice tuner. I have had this tuner for about a year and the only problem I have had is the backlight for the analog display burnt out. You would think they would use an LED for this. The tuner is fast and works great on all of my wire antennas.

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