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Connectors, Plugs and Adaptors
FigurePart NumberDescription
AMFJ-7705N-Male to SO-239 Adaptor
BMFJ-7730N-Male to SMA Female Adaptor
CMFJ-7731N-Male to BNC Female Adaptor
DMFJ-7702PL-259 to PL-259 Adaptor
EMFJ-7703PL-259 to BNC Female, Right Angle Adaptor
FMFJ-7733PL-259 to "T" SO-239 (2) Adaptor
GMFJ-7734PL-259 Right Angle Adaptor
HMFJ-7732PL-259 to RCA Phono Jack
IMFJ-7727PL-259 to SMA Female Adaptor
JMFJ-7717PL-259 to SMA Male Adaptor
KMFJ-7737PL-259 to BNC Female Adaptor
LMFJ-7711F Female to F Female Coupler, 1.75"
MMFJ-7701SO-239 to SO-239 Coupler, 1.75"
FigurePart NumberDescription
NMFJ-7719SO-239 to SMA Male Adaptor
OMFJ-7729SO-239 to SMA Female Adaptor
PMFJ-7708SO-239 to BNC Male Adaptor
QMFJ-7716BNC Male to SMA Female Adaptor
RMFJ-7736BNC Male to SMA Male Adaptor
SMFJ-7718BNC Female to SMA Female Adaptor
TMFJ-7728BNC Female to SMA Male Adaptor
UMFJ-7706NMO to SO-239 Adaptor
VMFJ-7738SO-239 to RCA Male or Motorola made plug
WMFJ-7739N-Female to N-female Barrel Coupler, 1.75"
XMFJ-7743SMA Female to SMA Female Coupler, ⅝"
YMFJ-7744SO-239 to SO-239 Coupler, 1"
ZMFJ-7745Right Angle N Male to N Female Adaptor
FigurePart NumberDescription
1MFJ-7707NMO to ⅜ x 24 threaded Adaptor
2MFJ-7710⅜ x 24 to PL-259 Adaptor
3MFJ-7725⅜ x 24 Antenna Mount Quick Connect Adaptor
4MFJ-7735⅜ x 24 Antenna Mount Fold-Over Adaptor
5MFJ-7714⅜ x 24 Chassis Mount with Insulating Washer
6MFJ-7748SO-239 to ⅜ x 24 Adaptor
7MFJ-7712⅜ x 24 to .1" hole whip ferrules
8MFJ-7715⅜ x 24 to .2" hole whip ferrules
9MFJ-7740PL-259, Teflon®, nickel plated
10MFJ-7741Coax Reducer for RG-58
10MFJ-7742Coax Reducer for RG-8X
11MFJ-7721SO-239 4-hole Chassis Mount Teflon®
12MFJ-7720SO-239 screw-on Protector Cover
13MFJ-7723N-Female 4-Hole Chassis Mount, Teflon®
14MFJ-772SO-239 Single Hole Mount, Teflon®
FigurePart NumberDescriptioin
15MFJ-7726BNC Female, Chassis Mount
16MFJ-7724N-Female Single Hole Mount, Teflon®
17MFJ-7704BNC to dual Binding Posts
18MFJ-7709Dual Banana Plugs, High Current
19MFJ-77131 Red, 1 Black High Current Banana Plugs
20MFJ-7700P6 red, 6 Black Banana Plugs / Pack
21606-00145-Way Binding Post, Black, 30A, insulated
22606-00135-Way Binding Post, Red, 30A, insulated
23606-00045-Way Binding Post, Black
24606-00035-Way Binding Post, Red
25606-1006Feed-through Ceramic Insulator with hardware
26MFJ-7750Black PVC Protect Cap for SO-239 w / retaining strap
27MFJ-11C0635 A Anderson PowerPoles™ x 6

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$199.95 each

$39.95 each

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