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Hy-gain Crank Up Tower Parts
AV-640 upgrade to AV-680
Rotator Repairs
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How To Repair a Cushcraft R5
R-8 upgrade to R-9
Review of the Cushcraft R-9 multiband vertical. By KC1ACF Mark Vess
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Tuners, Wattmeters calibration procedure
MFJ-1025/MFJ-1026 Notes
MFJ-1025/1026 Notes
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Old MDS RC-1 Schematic
Old MDS RC-1Y Manual

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Online parts and parts lists
Parts and parts lists are available online on Hy-gain and Cushcraft websites.  Have your owners manual available for reference. 1.  The first way to order parts, is to find the advertisemen...
Stock Check/Backorder Status
When you check on your order, you may see 'stock check' or 'backorder' on the status line. Due to the limited amount of personnel at present, there is normally a two or three day delay before your or...
Production Lead Time
Lead Time for Products Ordered The lead time for new products ordered by phone or online is normally two weeks.  We are a factory, not a warehouse, so everything must be scheduled for production...
Invoice Copy Of Your Order
Invoice Selection if you did not receive a copy with your order, or need another copy.   Go to the proper site for your order - MFJ, Hy-gain, Cushcraft, Vectronics, Mirage, Ameritron Find 'Ord...
How To Make a Paypal Payment
1. Go to "Customer Support", click on the PayPal link.   2. Enter the the amount you want to send us in the "Payment Amount $" field.   3. Enter your information and what this payment is...
MFJ/Mirage/Vectronics Tech Department
Please contact our technical department for questions and concerns at 662-323-0549 or at 1-800-647-8324
For Any Immediate Customer Service Needs, Please call 662-323-0549.
Help Desk
The HELP DESK works as our email server.    The help desk works just like email.  You may cut and paste, or leave attachments such as pictures or pdf files.   http://www.mfjenter...
SWR vs. SWR Curve
  An antenna which is newly installed can be a challenge to tune without knowing some of the characteristics. Knowing only the swr does not really tell you a lot about the antenna.  You can...
Tubing Inspection
      Aluminum Tubing Inspection             For Telescoping Poles All new tubing received should be given at least a minimal inspection before  at...
Multiband Antenna Common Problems
Multiband Antenna Common Problems   1. Current Flow Stops - This can happen for a large number of reasons, and affects both swr and resonance.  For most multiband antennas, the current flo...
Troubleshooting Multiband Antennas
Multiband Antenna Troubleshooting  Cushcraft, hy-gain, and MFJ Antennas   This is a simplified explanation of current flow in antennas.  There will be no technical jargon, which tend...
Troubleshooting Vertical Antennas
The attached article should be helpful in understanding current flow in a vertical antenna.  In general, current flow throughout the antenna on multiple bands is explored.  Knowing the curre...
Troubleshooting Beam Antennas
TROUBLESHOOTING BEAM ANTENNAS General Information   Many factors can affect the performance of your antenna.  Some of them are: Corrosion, lightning, carbon tracking, tubing slippage, hi...
Parts For Discontinued Models
Parts For Older Models Many parts are still available for discontinued models of antennas and rotators. Some of the manuals may be found on our websites, and others may be found online via Google t...
Replacement Parts Under Warranty
                                                Replacement Parts Under Warranty...

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