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Online parts and parts lists


Parts and parts lists are available online on Hy-gain and Cushcraft websites.  Have your owners manual available for reference.

1.  The first way to order parts, is to find the advertisement of your product.  Below the price you should see the manual for download, if you need one.  Beneath that is the spec sheet for the product.  Beneath the spec sheet you will see the parts listed for the product, with the prices.  Click on the item and place it in your checkout basket.  For the quantity required, consult the owners manual.

2.  The second way to order parts is to find the part number from the owners manual and plug it into the website search block.  You can put in partial part numbers and descriptions.  A list will appear which contains the search specification.  Choose your item from the list, and drop it into your basket.

Note:  Some parts listed may be incomplete, or unfinished raw materials.  Usually the higher priced item is the finished product.  If you have a question, leave a message on the help desk, or telephone the factory for more information.

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