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Parts For Discontinued Models


Parts For Older Models

Many parts are still available for discontinued models of antennas and rotators. Some of the manuals may be found on our websites, and others may be found online via Google type search engines.

If you have the manual, locate the part number of the part that you are looking for.  If you don't find it in the parts listing, try finding it in one of the illustrations located throughout the manual.  The figure containing the part gives an item number which should be found in the parts listing.

On the website, plug in this part number into the search block.  Partial numbers or descriptions will bring up a listing which contains your search parameter.  Pick out your part from the listing.  There should be a price shown also.  Some of the older parts were never removed from our site, and may have obsolete prices.

If you do not find your part number, try locating a newer model antenna or rotator like yours.  The part, if still used, will have the current part number and price.


Cushcraft R6000 contains most of the same parts as the R7, R5, R4, etc.  Traps for these are not available, but other tubing and insulators are. 

Cushcraft A4S is similar to ATB-34.

Hy-gain TH3IV contains most of the parts for TH3III, TH3II, and original TH3. Beta match and mast mount brackets are different.

TH7 contains most of the TH6 hardware.  Beta match is different. 

CD45, Ham IV and T2X contain most of the parts for previous rotator models including Ham M, CD44, Ham II and III.

Crank-up tower parts are unavailable except for the ground base.  The base plans, calc sheets and owner manuals are available for download under download manuals.

Also, raw tubing, brackets, insulators, hardware, and wire are available.  Most are listed in the online catalog. 



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