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key clicks on cub transceivers



  2018-02-02 12:05:34
Name: Mike Mahlbacher
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Info on MFJ Cub troubleshooting....

Rick, thank you for your suggestions.
I resolved the issue and am sharing what I learned to put in your knowledge base for future callers.

The key clicks are still there on Audio but greatly reduced in comparison to audio.
Sidetone is quite adequate now.
Third problem (unreported) was I could not make any contacts despite 2 W output. NO ONE I called ever came back. Got me back into the online manual (thank you for putting these online for download) to see if it gave me a clue. Nothing in troubleshooting helped, but the description of the adjustments gave me what I needed.

Fix was to change the side-tone offset. The previous owner had the sidetone in the USB and not the usual LSB. Testing with another radio, I could hear the cub but with the cub could not hear the other radio. Tuned abt 1.5KC higher with the scout and heard the scout's with the cub. After realizing you could adjust the offset, I listened with the Scout while changing the cub's offset and heard it cross zero and continue up the LSB. Set it for a nice 600-700 KC offset and life is good. Contacts made. Sidetone much louder, can turn down volume, don't get blasted with received signals, and key click audio noises are diminished. BTW, the clicks are strictly audio; listening to the cub's signal on the scout, the cub sounds sweet. (I use a bug).
I then adjusted the low-hi vfo spread to 3.501 to 3.566 (was 3.527-3.590 or so.)
All is nice. Gonna buy it from my friend. Impressed enough to eventually buy another on another band. I really like the frequency spread of the VFO over other small QRP singlebanders.
With best,
Mike AG4EP

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