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Bell Housing Reassembly


Bell Housing Reassembly

"Turn everything to the right"

or, to the left fully.

In an upright orientation, with the rotator inserted into the lower brake housing, with bearings below and above, turn the rotator, until it shuts off at the end of rotation.

Turn the pot all the way too, the same direction.

Draw a line from the pot shaft through the wiper arm, through the bearings, to the lower casting.  Find a reference spot on the bearings, in line with the wiper arm.

Line up the boss inside the upper bell with this mark, and set it down.

Spin the upper housing back and forth on the rotator.

If it moves more than about 1/16 inch, you missed.  Try again.

Release the brake. 

Spin the lower housing and line up the bolt holes.

Install the bolts.

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