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Trap Identification A3/A4


Trap labels fall off or fade away.  When sold or taken apart for cleaning, you can be confused as to which is which.

Here is the easiest way.  First, lay out the traps side by side.  Look at the smaller tubes on each end of the trap.  Some of them have a smaller end which is tapered.  These are the 15 meter traps.  Remove all traps with the tapered tube.  All traps left behind are 10 meter traps.  Now look at the tapered traps.  If there are two traps that look different, these are for 20 meters, and go with the 40 meter add on kit.  The tapered traps are fairly obvious which way they are installed: Small end goes outward for the next smaller tube.  For the 10 meter traps, notice that there is a flat spot on one end, under the trap cover.  This flat spot contains a screw which ties the inner and outer tubes together.  The end with the flat spot goes toward the boom.


For a given band, the trap for it may go in front, middle, or back of the boom.  Even though the traps may have different labels like TC or TB, there are very minor differences in frequency.  So, the order in which they are installed on the boom really doesn't matter much.  Any difference can be corrected by changing the distance to the boom, which sets the frequency.


Check the owners' manual for the initial settings for each band.

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