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Control Box Meter Scale and Bulbs


Take the top and bottom covers from the control box.  Remove the top two nuts on the back of the meter, and hardware, and the entire meter will slide out the bottom of the chassis.  Do not unsolder the wires.  The clear face pops off of the meter.  Be careful not to damage the needle when you remove it.  There are two screws inside the meter, at the bottom of the meter scale.  Remove them and gently slide the scale out from under the needle.  The needle is delicate.

Observe voltage rules while working on equipment.  The bulbs are right under the meter scale.  P/N 355-2678.  There are two of them, in series.  If either goes out, they both do.  The bulbs are 12 VAC incandescent types for the meters between about 2004 and 2014.  These bulbs are soldered in place.  Observe the bulbs before removing them one at a time.  The wires are tiny, and the support is plastic, so a minimum of heat is required.  Before you replace the bad bulb,  you can take a new good bulb and carefully place the leads across the leads of each old bulb.  If only one is out, both bulbs will glow when placing the new one across it.  If neither lights, then both bulbs are bad.  Replace the bulb and trim the leads.

The newer meters after 2014 use an LED type bulb.  These are not currently available.  

Reverse this process for reassembly.

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