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MFJ-1272M to IC-2100H


Dear Sir,

Pin-Outs for IC-2100H

Pin 1   +8VDC                     Pin 5   Mic Ground
Pin 2   Mic Up/Dn                Pin 6   Mic Audio
Pin 3   No Connection         Pin 7   Chassis Ground
Pin 4   PTT                           Pin 8   No Connection

Here are the jumpers the way I think they should be:


Receive:       No Jumper
PTT:              R5B
Audio Out:    R6C


Ground:        R7D
Throughs:     M1A-M5A, M7A-M8A
Audio In:       M6B

Please try these and let me know how it works.

Jim Shurden
MFJ Customer Service

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