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202B box test/calibration

MFJ-202B Box Test
Set-UP: Radio, Ohm Meter, 50 Ohm Load
Use AM
1.  Attach Ohm Meter (-) on third leg of power switch, (+) on (+) of air variable capacitor.
2.  Set resistance potentiometer to 50 Ohms.  Put knob on at B 1/2.  Fill out calibration chart for positions on resistance scale. 
3.  Using a 50 Ohm dummy load, (with black button pushed out), find a null on 1.8 MHz using both resistance an air variable capacitor together.  When null is found, put a knob on at 0 (zero) on air variable capacitor.  Leave at 0 (zero).
4.  Remove 50 Ohm load.  Push in black button (this puts a 200 Ohm load on unit).  Now find a null at 30 MHz using resistance potentiometer and trimmer capacitor on pc board.  (air variable capacitor still set at 0 (zero).
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