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MFJ-229 Test Procedure

MFJ-229 Test Procedure
1.  Attach trimpot to chassis
2.  Mount board and solder trimpot
3.  Solder Antenna jack to board
4.  Solder Display (*display and jack attach to back side of board).  Screw down display.
5.  Place 0264 Rx Rv instead of MBF 511.  Short Pin 2 to Pin 3.  Remove R32.
6.  Set power supply to 15V.  Solder oscillator to board.
7.  Turn trimpot clockwise, adjust R1 for 468 MHz (set with 100 Ohms).
8.  Turn trimpot counter-clockwise, adjust R2 for 508 MHz.  (set with 100 Ohms.
9.  Turn trimpot clockwise.  Adjust R21 for SWR=2, 100 Ohms. Check for SWR=1, 50 Ohms.
10. Solder battery box and screw down after removing posts on box.  Check for power.
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