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31% say it's bad.  69% say it's great! 
go back and read all of the good reviews.  then read the bad reviews.  note the attitude of the bad reviews being less than constructive criticism, maybe even an edge to try and destroy the good thing we have here.  sometimes, customers are rating the product over a service issue or warranty issue rather than whether the product does what it is advertised to do or not. 
anyway, the answers to your questions follow:
1.  mfj has been in business 30 years (1972-2002) and continues to be the world leader in ham radio accessories.  we are also the world leader in antenna analyzer sales.  the mfj-259b/269 series continues to be the #1 product of its type on the market.
we have been manufacturing this type of product for well over ten years now, with continuous upgrades in the field.  we have a production line made up of twenty qualified employees that have been on that production line for a long time (some as many as ten+ years, others are MSU engineering students working part-time). 
in manufacturing, as long as you are building a product from scratch you will have quality issues.  you will also have engineering issues once you begin production on a new product.  in the case with the mfj-269, it is a very complicated product dealing with almost a thousand different components and parts.  many things can go wrong without proper supervision and quality control and engineering quality.
a. there was a problem with (engineering issue) a diode burning out on the 440 side that has been corrected.  this would cause the 440 side to lock-up.  the 440 part of the unit is a separate board from the HF/vhf side. 
b.  there was a problem with the n-connector becoming intermittent on the top of the board, too loose in its slot.  we corrected this by adding reinforcement on the pc board.
c.  there was a problem with the battery compartment grounding out on the case, this was corrected. 
all of these problems are way past and nothing recently on the 269 has been a problem.  the product has been out for more than three years now, even though advertising has been running for only about two years.
NASA, sheriff's departments all over the USA, Cornell, Harvard, Yale, Mississippi State University and other colleges and universities have this unit and have yet to call and complain or to send their units in for service.
3.  the boss and owner, martin f. jue, k5flu, has been working diligently with the production staff and the new production manager over the past year to correct problems, engineering issues, and institute new testing procedures built to catch more problems before they become problems. 
4.  read the reviews again.  there are 69% "highly" satisfied owners of this product and many others on that particular review site.  there are many, many, many more than that in the field who have chosen not to write a review.  in most cases, a satisfied customer will not bother to sit down and type or write out a review on a particular product that they are satisfied with. 
read between the lines in the bad reviews.  how often is the criticism there no very constructive or is not even talking about the product itself. 
also, check our overall reputation.  30+ years in business, and we're not going anywhere.  the boss is a ham, and many others of us are hams, we even have many hams on our production crew.  our goal is to be in business forever.  our emphasis is on amateur radio -- not in commercial.  repair/replacement is an option with us if there is some reason that the unit needs it!  that is the best thing i can say.  mfj stands behind its product with the best warranty in the business.  the reason why is because we don't have to perform repairs or replace units very often with that line. 
this is a product we have been manufacturing for a long time and according to countless hams we have built the "best thing since sliced bread".  read the positive reviews again and see what the 269 can do for you.
if you wish to talk with me further about this information, please do not hesitate to call me, 1-800-647-1800, ext. 123. 
thank you for your inquiry.
Richard C. Stubbs, Jr., KC5NSZ
MFJ Customer Services
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2003 6:03 PM
Subject: I'd like to buy an MFJ-269
I'm a relatively new ham and I am interested in purchasing
your MFJ-269 SWR Aalyzer and the MFJ-98B accessory
package. However, during my clubs' weekly get-together,
several hams recommended not to purchase it citing major
quality issues with the MFJ products. Not one to rely on
information from members of just one group, I researched on
the web and discovered reviews of the MFJ-269 which verified
thier concern with major quality issues. The most recent online
review I discovered was six months old, with several going back
two years. Being a Test/Manufacturing Engineer I understand that
companies sometimes run into production and/or QC problems
which they eventually correct.
Having said this:
    1. What can you can tell me about the manufacturing
        and quality control issues you had?
     2. What you have done to correct them?
     3. What have you done to prevent them from happening in the future?
      4. What can you tell me that would allow me to make this purchase
          with confidence that the product will work correctly immediately out
          of the box and years later without the need to send it back for repairs
          or replacement?
This is an excellent opportunity for MFJ to gain the support and positive
comments from an enthusiastic new ham and to help negate some of the
bad reviews and public comments MFJ has been getting. I trust you will
greet this opportunity enthusiastically and reply in a timely manner to my
my questions.
Richard D. Tenney
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