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MFJ-447 Self Test

When performing the Self Test, make sure to release the paddles before the copyright message completes.  Also, make sure NOT to double press the dot or dash paddle when testing them.  Pressing it twice will give the failure message.  Perform the Self Test in the order listed in the manual and go to the next step only after the LED blink once.  I suspect this is the case because you says the paddles work fine on the air and I have other users double-pressing them.
ICOM 706 is a solid state radio and should be keyed using Direct Keying.  Grid Block Keying is for final tube type radios.
Refer to the section in the manual describing Iambic A/B to understand the difference between them.  When a squeeze is released during an element (dot or dash), type B iambic adds the opposite element.  Type A iambic just finishes the element in progress and does NOT produce a following alternate element. For example, in Type A iambic, a squeeze release during the dah in the letter "A" will produce di-dah (A).  In Type B iambic, this will produce di-dah-dit (R).
Referring to the Jumper Setting table in the manual, jumpers JMP 4-8 select how the nines and zeroes in the contest serial number is sent.  The embedded command "/N" is used to send a serial number within a message.

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