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MFJ-495 Weight Increment

On the MFJ-495, the weight increment is 1% in the range of 25% to 75%.  We define the weight as the duty cycle of a continuous string of dots, where 50% for perfect code.  Weight is independent of the speed, or it can be set to vary with the code speed.
For example, let's say perfect code (50% weight) has dots of 20 milliseconds (ms).  So the dashes would be 60 ms and the intra-character spaces would be 20 ms.  At 25% weight, the resulting elements would be 10 ms dots, 50 ms dashes and 30 ms intra-character spaces.  At 75% weight, there would be 30 ms dots, 70 ms dashes and 10 ms intra-character spaces.  I guess this is "true weight" by your definition.  I don't like the weighting system in the modern transceivers.
Download the MFJ-495 manual from our website and refer to pages 12 to 13.


Harry Wong
Project Engineer
MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

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