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MFJ-495 Memory

From your email, I'm assuming you will use two-level paddle with your MFJ-495.  To get to memory 1:
1. Press the POWER button to turn on the MFJ-495.
2. Press the MENU button briefly, as needed, to recall the [1A][2A][3A][4A] menu.  Now the F1 button controls memory 1A.
3. Refer to "Message Memory" on page 20 of the manual.  To save a message into memory 1A, press and hold the F1 button for two seconds until the keyer responds with "GO".  Then key in your message using the paddle.  At the end of your message, press and hold F1 button for two seconds to end your message.
4. To playback your saved message, briefly press F1 button.
Refer to manual page 4, connect your two-level paddle to the KEY INPUT jack on the back of the MFJ-495.  The dot lead is connected to the tip of the plug, the dash lead is connected to the ring of the plug, and the shield (ground) is connected to the sleeve of the plug.
Refer to page 4 again.  If you want to use hand key, bug or straight key, connect it to the MANUAL KEY jack.
I'm not involved with the power pole power strip, so Richard at Customer Service will have to help you with this.

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Harry Wong
Senior Project Engineer
MFJ Enterprises, Inc.
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