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The message "B1 FAIL" means either the first button (hence B1) on the left side is shorted to ground, not connected correctly, or you have pressed the wrong button during the self test.
Before starting the self test, all buttons should be in the OUT position.  If this is so and the self test is initialized, this message means the first button is "shorted" to ground.  The test first checks to see if any button is shorted.
If it is time to press the button to test it and you get this message, then it means this button is not connected correctly or you have pressed the wrong button.
If you pressed the first button and the LED did not blink once (indicating this button is not connected), and you go ahead to test the second button.  Then you would also get this message "B1 FAIL" since the self test is still waiting for the first button press.
By the way, how many buttons (2 or 3) does your MFJ-784B have on the left side of the FILTERS knob?  Make sure to release the PROGRAM button (the red button) before the CW message "SELF TEST" is finished; otherwise, the self test will think this button is shorted to ground.  Attached is a copy of the self test procedure and its various message designations.



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