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MFJ-890 Beacon Monitor

the 890 is not a receiver.  it does not receive the beacons directly.  you must use this unit in conjunction with your transceiver in order to fully understand the beacon network.
the 890 simply duplicates the timing sequence of the international beacon network through its atomic clock receiver which syncs to wwvb to stay on precise time with the beacon network.  the beacons are linked by gps satellites and transmit their cw messages at a precise time.  the 890 duplicates this precise time by syncing with wwvb.

the lights simulating the different beacons will automatically light up whether you hear the beacons or not.  if you hear the beacon, then you will also see it light up on the display map indicating that that dx area is open and that you should start listening for those significant callsigns and calling cq to that area of the world.

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