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MFJ-890 World Change

turns out the 890 modification is not really a modification at all, so i have chosen to detail this in an email rather than mail it to you.
1. open the unit to expose the pc board of the 890 to your view.
2. locate JMP1, JMP2, JMP3 jumper pins. 
3. note there is a HI and LO setting for all three of them.  positions 1 and 2 would be the HI settings and positions 2 and 3 will be the LO settings.
4. note the current setting is for all three jumper selections JMP1, JMP2 and JMP3 are in the LO positions. 
5. in order to set for the european world time reception, you must change the jumper setting on JMP1 to positions 1 and 2, rather than at positions 2 and 3. 
6. secondly, JMP3 should also be set to positions 1 and 2, rather than at postions 2 and 3.  your JMP1, JMP2 and JMP3 should be set accordingly:
JMP1   JMP2   JMP3





DCF77, 77.5 kHz

6. this change should allow your MFJ-890 to receive the european World Time signal.
this information should also be listed in your instruction manual on page 2.  thanks for your business. --rich
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