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AV-640 upgrade to AV-680
Get a copy of the AV-680 manual from the advertising page. Most of the existing hardware on the AV-640 is used on the AV-680.  Examine both manuals for a comparison. 17-AV680-10 SA, SPOK...
Hy-gain Crank Up Tower Parts
Tower parts for the crank up towers are no longer available.  The exception is the tower base, for moving, resale, or other replacement.   Find the TB-XX document at under prod...
Rotator Repairs
hy-gain Rotator Repairs and Rates   The hy-gain rotator non-warranty repair rate is $70 per hour, plus any parts required, plus shipping. Average repair ticket total:     CD/AR ser...
Shim your rotator
To shim your rotator, see the attached document.  The material should be aluminum or steel, or other non-collapsable, non-compressable material.      
DCU-2 and DCU-3 upgrade procedure
The upgrade information for the DCU-2 and DCU-3 control box can be found on the advertising page, labeled downloads.  The zip file contains the binary code and the upgrade procedure.
Tubing and Accessories
Tubing Selection Chart and Accessories The attached page from the catalog shows tubing and holding attachments.  It may be easier to read if you do not have a catalog handy.  The maximum sh...
Rotator Delay Circuit
The 5 second brake delay has not made it to the manual yet.  This schematic has the basic circuit arrangement drawn in by hand.  
Rotator Gears Exploded View
The attached file shows how the gears are stacked.
Rotator Drilling Templates
The attached files are for  the AR-40, CD-45, Ham-IV series, and T2X series, drilling templates.  Most towers have the holes pre-punched, but if not, then the dimensions are here.
Bell Housing Reassembly
Bell Housing Reassembly "Turn everything to the right" or, to the left fully. In an upright orientation, with the rotator inserted into the lower brake housing, with bearings below and above, turn ...
Trap Identification - TH3JR
When the labels fall off, it's hard to ID the traps.  Here is a list of measurements:   871732 - The longer small tube is 18 inches 871733 - The longer small tube is 36 inches 871819 - T...
Moisture problem in your traps
  I have heard rumors of this problem for years. It only happens on a very small percentage but these are the ones we hear about. It is still a large number. In my experience, the solut...
Control Box Meter Scale and Bulbs
Take the top and bottom covers from the control box.  Remove the top two nuts on the back of the meter, and hardware, and the entire meter will slide out the bottom of the chassis.  Do not u...
Rotator Service Manual (unfinished)
The attached document is unfinished, and is a work in progress.
TR-44 manual
The attached TR-44 manual is difficult to find online.  Note:  All 8 wire rotators are wired the same, EXCEPT the TR-44.  Do not use a standard Hy-gain box with this model!  When ...
AR-40 Schematic
The attached schematic of a Hy-gain AR-40 should aid you in your troubleshooting.
HAM and T2X Schematics
The delay circuit and LED circuit are on separate schematics attached here:
EZ29 Chimney mounting errata
The instructions for the EZ29 Chimney Mount may look different from what you received.  The factory which supplies them changes them up every so often.  The attached picture is from the curr...
AV-640 Installation Video Link - Harper