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R-8 upgrade to R-9
Most of the existing hardware is still used.  Use a copy of the R-9 manual for comparison.     ORDQTY SHPDQTY Product ID Description Unit Price Line Total 4 0 20-R9...
Review of the Cushcraft R-9 multiband vertical. By KC1ACF Mark Vess
Review of the Cushcraft R-9 multiband vertical. By KC1ACF mark VessAfter searching for several months for a multiband vertical, I began to look at the Cushcraft R-9. I found a number of reviews on it ...
How To Repair a Cushcraft R5
How To Repair a Cushcraft R5 Overview - R5 Matching Unit Rebuild by G0WCW using EI7BA methodThis article describes how to rebuild a matching unit of a Cushcraft R5 vertical.Below are a few pictur...
Cushcraft R7 Repair
The attached file found online shows some of the problems and how to correct them.
Cushcraft R7000 repair
See the attached article found online which shows some of the problems which can be repaired with this model.
AP8 Trap Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting AP8 traps is the subject of the attached file.
Trap Identification A3/A4
Trap labels fall off or fade away.  When sold or taken apart for cleaning, you can be confused as to which is which. Here is the easiest way.  First, lay out the traps side by side.  L...
Trap Covers
Trap covers may not be listed separately in the manual, as they come pre-assembled on the traps.   Vertical antennas like R6000 and R9 use a two inch tube for the larger tube, which use: http:...
Stacking and Phasing Antennas
                          Stacking antennas   17-A449-VPKS  Stacking kit for 449 MHz $69.95, includes phasing harness and...