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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1026.

From: Paul Danzer N1II

\"The MFJ-1026 is a useful and inexpensive station accessory that can enhance weak-signal reception for hams and SWLs and elminate interfering and signals or noise.\"

Full review featured in the April 1998 issue of QST Magazine.


From: Ted Cohen N4XX

It\'s too late now, but I would suggest that virtually ALL DXpeditions from now on carry MFJ-1026 noise cancelling boxes with them. For the past month, I have used one on 160m in my Alexandria, VA, station. The \"RX\" antenna is a low(40 ft) 160m trap dipole while the \"TX\" antenna is an inverted L. I regularly get 30-40 dB cancellation on QRN generated by static to the south(e.g., Gulf of Mexico). Of course, when the storm is closer, the noise reduction is less. Regardless, I find myself using this little miracle almost every night, especially this season, when storms are so prevalent. MFJ tells me that they can\'t keep the MFJ-1026 boxes in stock, and are shipping them as fast as they can build them. No wonder!

BTW, I suggested to ON4UN that he use the MFJ-1026 to \"kill\" the chem plant noise he was having. He just hooked it up a few days ago and used it to null out the noise. John said that from the silence he now hears, you would have thought a stealth aircraft took out the plant! Without the box, he was concerned that he would not be able to work the DX contest this weekend.



From: scott KG4YAF
What a life saver, This product works and does a great job at it, I had s 20+ powerline noise and the power co said we have done all we can, so I bought this mfj-1026, and after reading up on the best way to use this product I was able to kill the noise completely, I am very happy, it also makes it so i can hear even the weakest station out there, I even had to relay for others , It works you just have to have take your time to figure out what works best for you. As far as noise Antenna and turn the dials slowly, it will work for you.

From: Ken Shubert K0KS
My MFJ-1026 was used to reduce BPL type interference from high-tension power lines 1/4 Mile away and it provided 30db of rejection. An outdoor antenna is required for satisfactory operation and the unit is vulnerable to damage when operating QRO. You must understand the theory to make this unit work for you but it will work very well when blankers and DSP do not. Remember that any station in the direction of the null will also be attenuated. It takes some tinkering and knob twisting but logged settings can be re-established at a later time.

As they say: "When all else fails --- MFJ-1026" !

73 de Ken, K0KS

From: Doc C WB0FDJ
About a year ago I started having S9+10 noise/interference 24/7 on 40 meters. It made 40 meters completely unusable, even using good radios with excellent DSP. Out of desperation I purchased the MFJ-1026 after reading good reviews on eHam. This is nothing short of amazing. Since I only have problems with 40 I experimented by cutting a 33 foot wire and tune it with a simple manual tuner, feeding it to the aux antenna input. It completely removes the offending QRN. Granted 40 is a noisy band and there are other kinds of "stuff" I hear now, but this makes my radio usable, where before I had given up 40 meters. The first night that I really put this to the test I worked France and Slovenia on my IC-703+ running 5 watts. Now I am using it daily and just finished some 40 meter contacts for the SKCC Weekend Sprint, running QRP. Outstanding!

From: George 7J1ATG
You too can overcome the local QRN....I did not think I could BUT ....in late Dec. 2013 I aquired an MFJ 1026 Noise Cancelling unit.....out of desperation as much as anything else! Having moved from Kyushu and a relatively quiet site (QRN-wise) to the center of Tokyo amidst high rises and in close vicinity to powerlines that run within reach distance from my balcony in a 3 story building. Before I aquired the MFJ1026 to say my ham activities were limited by the local QRN levels is an understatement. Having aquired the MFJ1026 and using it with the local (internal) telescopic antenna with the unit sitting on my shack desk - I can now work all bands including 160mtrs - and I am only limited in my ham radio activity by my lack of space for anthing other than a home brew 5.6 mtr vertical on the 3rd Floor balcony that I use for all bands via an ATU. I must admit that having read about the difficulty in setting up the controls on the MFJ1026 for optimum use - I was puzzled to find it very easy to set up and once set-up that same setting will cover most bands and for most of the day...sometimes giving me an S8 to S2 improvement in the local noise level at my QTH especially on 160 mtr/80mtr and 40mtrs ...this was using an FT857 tranceiver.....trying the set-up on my TS440S is a totally different kettle of fish and IS really difficult to gauge. I put this down to the sensitivity of the S-meter on the FT857 compared to the TS440S ... maybe? Overall - a great investment for me at this particularly noisy QTH - but again maybe easier to use with some tranceivers (like the FT857 in my case) compared to the TS440S......the TS440S is still in my opinion a great bit of gear - fantastic audio TX/RX but I can understand the reports I have had on the difficulty in setting up the MFJ1026 when using maybe analogue type tranceivers rather than the type of circuitry in the FT857. Overall _ strongly recommend the MFJ-1026 to anyone that is experiencing severe local QRN - the internal telescopic antenna inside my shack works fine for me....if I get around to using an external noise sense antenna I will maybe get even better results. The only improvement I could think of for the MFJ-1026 would be to have the internal links that set the gain/circuit configured etc accessible externally - rather than having to remove the cover to get to them.

From: Old Apple Farmer WB0OAF
Generally Speaking on Noise Cancelling devices...

A lot of people donít understanding what they are doing with these ďnoise cancellersĒ hence the comments I see all the time, they DONíT WORK!. Or mine worked a little, or ďyour noise has to be directionalĒ, then it will work. I really donít know what kind of Electronics Education all these people have, or had, but in my book you donít know what youíre talking about fits perfectly every time.

Whether you use the ANC-4 or the MFJ-1026 or any other Comparator Circuit, THEY DO WORK. These units are not defective, and they function very well. Iíve used them for a number of projects involving noise. Whoever heard of noise thatís directional??!! You got a vertical whip antenna on these units that solves that problem, they receive in ALL directions, and work fine in ALL directions, noise is omni directional.

I could write a book on how to hook these babyís up to see the performance, but I feel I would be wasting my time like I do now. The ones that say these units DONíT WORK, or the ones that have already returned them for a refund or burned them up transmitting too close, are already convince these arenít any good. You know, like casting your pearls before swine philosophy.

Of the (2) that are always being put down, the MFJ works the best. You wanna know why I say that?? I been in Electronics troubleshooting and repair for 35 years, I electronics circuits inside/out, I had to in order to fix things. When I had the ANC-4 (superb little unit until you burn the (4) 51 OHM resistors out of them and then sell Ďem on EBAY). I always wished the ANC-4 had a preamp to amplify the noise signal, it would Null better. So I built a preamp in my ANC-4 and it did Null better, it Nulled almost anything I could throw at it. Including a noisy Motor in my wifeís hand mixer when she was making cookies.

Then I found the MFJ-1026 unit with the preamp. Bingo, I want to try it, I tried it and I wonít sell it.
By the way, when the noisy hand-mixer came on, the mixer was in the kitchen, but it transmitted noise everywhere. The Digital TV on an outside antenna got knocked out. The mixer noise was on every radio in the house, upstairs, downstairs, outside, itís omni directional noise, not directional.

The MFJ-1026 is a beautiful comparator circuit (with preamp), look at the schematic, look at the design when youíre comparing these things, or you wonít have a leg to stand on when you comment, other than, it donít work, duhh..

If you canít read a schematic, then your comments are that of a regular consumer that has no idea what they are looking for and just buying a product they nothing about.

Itís not a noise filter like some think, itís a NOISE COMPARATOR. We did get a new Food Mixer though, but the neighbors Plasma TV is completely taken out with these units just hook Ďem up right.
WB0OAF since 1969

From: Seth KI7AQJ
Okay unit with audible results, but not quite optimum. For the price it is a pretty good unit. My QTH is not good for anything but QRM, and lots of it, from cheap power tools, bad transformers, and two AM radio stations. I got pretty good results from this unit. It did not work with my linear amp, and required some modifications. Build quality is average & about par for the price point. It is not great, but not junk either. I have two AM stations that create lots of QRM on 40 meters. I also get a lot of motor noises and other garbage from cheap power tools, junk plasma TVs, garbage appliances, and now a Taxi Cab company's business radio. I thought they would have gone to cell phones years ago. This knocks off maybe 40 dB of noise. The terms "up to", and "as much as" used in marketing claims are weasel words. Your mileage will certainly vary, and usually not the way you had hoped. I am going to try a home brew, but this unit is worth keeping around, regardless of what I come up with. Other products I replace usually get sold off, but for now, this one actually stays in the shack! I have dumped a lot of MFJ stuff when I found better, but this one is a keeper. I am dialing in a home brew that will drop the QRM down by over 90dB, which is far better than the MFJ unit, but for the price this MFJ-1026 is still quite a good product. 73s KI7AQJ

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