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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1402.

From: Tom Bailey WV6Z
On the way to Dayton, my Lakeview 2m/440 NMO mount antenna suffered a catastrophic failure (swollen like a sore thumb after a hammer impact in the center.... 2m worked fine, standing wave on 440 was no off of the scale). I picked up one of the ultra short MFJ-1402 antennas as my antennas are roof mounted on an Isuzu Trooper and the less items I have that hit tree branches, the happier I am. To make a long story short, I thought that the price for the tiny antenna with it's little ring around the middle would be one of those, 'I wish it worked as well as it works' items..... however, I was pleasantly surprised to discover, over the past few months, that I could not have been more wrong in my assumption. This antenna, although I do not recall the specs on the MFJ-1402 and cannot find any, performs like the 'big' antenna it replaced. I have actually used it quite frequently to make 2m SSB contacts while mobile between the cities of Greenville to the OTHER side of Anderson in South Carolina, running 50w into it with a Yaesu FT-857D and receive rave signal reports and I find that I have better than I expected reception on my receive as well. Once again, MFJ provides for it's customer an unexpected gem of a product. Keep up the great work down there!

From: Rick KB3DHE
Still using the MFJ 1402 shorty 1/4 wave on Dodge Ram for more than 8 years with a Yeasu FT-2500M, tuned with analyser to a 1:1 match, I placed clear silicone caulk around base of antenna where it screws into magnet and around adjustment screws and where mast inserts to High Q part of antenna,this keeps all moisture out of the connections during rain at highway speeds,looks great and works great.

From: Luther KG4USK
Been using this antenna on my Mazda6 for a while. Works great in any situation I've encountered! It's very subtle and works well with the trunk lip mount.

From: Ben Fisher K9BF
I had this antenna sitting on the hood of my Ford Ranger for more than 10 years. It worked great. I recently sold the truck. Not one problem. Make it easy to get in and out of the parking garage at work. I highly recommend this antenna.

From: Ben Fisher K9BF
I used one of these antennas on my old pick up truck for years. I set it on the hood so I could get in and out of the parking garage at work. It worked great, not a single problem. I had it attached to a magnet mount.

From: Dennis AC5ZU
I purchased a competitors larger dual band mobile antenna, but its 40 inch length forced me to remove it from the roof of my truck in order to park in the garage. Looked around for a shorter alternative and found the MFJ-1402. At 17 inches, it would be just short enough to go through the garage door. But, I fully expected to have to compromise on performance. Using an MFJ SO239 to NMO adapter, I mounted this little antenna to the NMO base and was surprised to see that this little jewel performed as well as the antenna it replaced which was more than double its price and size. It's an amazing product! 73's AC5ZU.

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