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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1621.

From: Milton J. Long WA8LDR

In September of last year I purchased a MFJ-1621 portable antenna from Ham Radio Outlet.

I purchased a ICOM 718 Tranceiver so that I could get back on the air.

Since I live in a condo where outside antennas are not allowed I was able to install the 1621 above the garage area where it would not show from the exterior.

I have been a HAM since 1963 but had not been active since 1985 so getting back on the air was a major doing. My brother in law Harold Littell WA8MRT was the pushing force behind getting back on the air.

I operate mostly on 40 meters and since going back on the air I have been able to work over 26 states from Florida to Wisconsin with no problems. I have worked mobiles in North Carolina and Texas.

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the MFJ-1621 as my base station antenna. If I see you folks at the Dayton Hamfest I will shake your hand.

I may go mobile on 40 meters and if I do I will be looking at an MFJ Enterprises Antenna, you can bet on that.

So, thanks for having such a great product that really works. I think you should do away with the word \"portable\" because it is truly a great base station antenna for people with limited means both in cost and space.

Milton J. Long WA8LDR

From: Bill Kunka n9ap
First of all,i\'m commenting on the 1620(an earlier version).
I like it. Is it as good as a full size dipole? No.
However used it with a Ten Tec Scout with gratifying results.
Worked many stations and a station in Poland from a first floor motel room.
Adjusting it is easy;Often tuning by receiver noise was sufficient otherwise tuning w/built in F.S. meter was just fine.
Cautions:Don\'t alter feed line length or allow feedline to cross over itself. \'Serpentine\' is OK.
I also have an MFJ 40 mtr. cub(2 watts) and plan to qso w/the 1620,just for the heck of it.Haven\'t tried yet.
Truly impressive for its size.
I have no financial interest in MFJ!
Bill N9AP

From: Steve N8ksc
I purchased this antenna hoping I would be able to get out on one of the bands. Well I am blown away at the performance of this antenna/field strentgh meter. I have been using it on 40 & 20 and have made many contacts with fair to good reports. It does not work too well indoors because of RF and the supplied coax needs to be let out on the ground as your radial. Overall this antenna is worth every bit of 99 dollars and performs as MFJ says it will. Good job to MFJ.

Steve. N8ksc

From: Dave VA3UL
From my Condo on the 17 floor in Myrtle Beach North this product has enabled me to get on the air with a great signal. Its small footprint is almost undetectable.

From: Tom W8AAZ
Reviewing it from the receiving end. A guy in an appt. two states over was on 40M this morning with one of these. Running 100W SSB inside the appt. he was a solid S9 most of the time. Said he has worked a alot of DX with it. So perhaps there is more than meets the eye here!

From: Joe Powell KE7OPK
For me, me the magic was in getting the coax way up off the floor. Using picture hangers, it is strung on the wall, high up, except where it drops down to the SWR meter or the antenna box. I got a 57N from WA, and I live in Las Vegas, NV. Never made a contact until I raised the feedline up. It is fully extended; the radio is in one end of the apt, the ant. is in the other on a nightstand. This really surprised me the with little effort, my new deployment worked so well.

From: Mike KB2VQS
I purchased this about a year ago. I had been using a homemade 20 meter dipole until we moved to a restricted apartment. I am a digital op I use a Icom 706MK2G and run 25 watts. I run the coax from my shack to the living room and loop it around the room and put this antenna up on a portable laptop stand. I have worked most recently Russia a 5000 mile hop with this antenna. For a restricted situation, portable or qrp deal it is well worth the money.

From: Tony Ridlen KC9QVE
I received this product a matter of weeks ago and it did definitely meet to my specifications especially for my favorite band 40 Meters.
I do agree with the comment that is made in the manual for this product about this portable antenna not being intended to replace a yagi or antenna that the operator is accustomed to using on a regular basis.
Before ordering up this product I had a wire at over 150 feet out side my apartment window but it broke during a late fall snow storm weeks ago and I have every intention of getting it fixed probably in the spring.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2016.

From: Dave Joseph W1AMX
Bought the 1621 since snow storm took my antenna down. First day, tuned it with an analyzer right next to the tuner/whip, got 1.2:1 @ 56 ohms on 7055. Moved tuner/whip to far bedroom on bed. Laid coax out down hall to master bedroom at other end of house. Checked tuning - very close to same. Set power to 50 watts on radio, called CQ once. Got QSO with ham about 500 miles away. 40 meters at 0800. RST 569. Not bad at all.

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