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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1640T.

From: Tom DL3TL
Hi, I bought this mobile antenna last summer from a German dealer to install it on my car since I like to work 40M out of my car too. The MFJ-1640T exceeded every expectation I had working 40M out of the car. It has a very good SWR and it is no problem for me to work whole of Europe with just 100 watts with this antenna. The quality of the antenna is excellent, easy to install and I guess there is no other product which will give you a better value for this price.

vy 73, Tom, DL3TL

From: Ron McKean WD5FUN
I bought this antenna a few months ago just because it was so inexpensive. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality when I took it out of the box. Well I didn't use it for quite a while. I just stuck it on and adjusted the SWR with my antenna analyzer and needed to put a shunt coil on it to get it down to 1:1. This past week I went to a ham radio get together about 200 miles away and used the 1640T all the way up and back on 40 meter nets. The performance was spectacular. The receive was nearly as good as my delta loop on my home station. I heard everyone and everyone heard me from New York to Oklahoma and Wisconsin to Jacksonville, FL. All of that for $15 bucks plus a few dollars shipping.

From: brian williamson M6BAQ
Just purchased one, havn't had time to install on truck yet, so tested on base station rig, indoors with 'mag-mount', halfway up a loft ladder, with no ground plane. Copied Swiss station on 40M, fron Dover UK, gave me 5by5, and on receive he was only one 's' point down from my 20M sloper! I don't normally care for product reviews for 'big companies', but I can only say I'm GOBSMACKED!!!!!!!!!!! Extremely good FULLSTOP, and it wasn't even set-up properly!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Mark Mayes W1TXN
I bought a hamstick in every band I plan on using in the truck, I would love to have a screwdriver but I can do with this as I have other things to buy, I was able to get all 20M, 40M, 10M and 75M to a 1:2 / 1:1 SWR with no issues, on 20M I have made contacts in Latin America, N America and my favorite was Jamaica using an 817ND with a RM Italy 405. My EDR is an ICOM 706MKIIG and I pretty much stick to 40M, I have made contacts pretty much the same as I did on 20M and when they find out I'm running the 706 with a hamstick (no amp) they are impressed, I'm not surprised because I am impressed too! I recommend these antennas to all those in Oath Keepers that are getting into ham, they are great quality and work awesome contacts, plus they save you money to buy more gear, who cares if I have to spend 3 minutes changing antenna's! I simply tuned all the antennas, placed a small piece of shrink tubing at the tuning point and unscrewed the lug vs taking the whip out of it for storage, that way all I have to do is screw in the lug with the whip already installed and I'm off and running, no further tuning required.

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