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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1675T.

From: Jim Krupnik KQ4MK
I have been running several of the MFJ "stick" antennas for several weeks now, including the 75m, 20m, and 6 m sticks. Over all, I'm very impressed with their performance in my installation. Actually, I'm well beyond impressed... I bought them as an interim solution to having a drained budget from fitting out the rest of my mobile station, and figured that I would "suffer" until I could afford a good screwdriver antenna. After all, I had built nice bug catcher style mobile antennas often in the 1990's, and knew that they were the ticket. What a surprise! The HamTenna sticks are great performers when given a good platform.

Here is my setup; I glued, screwed, and soldered a big MFJ three magnet mag-mount base to the geographic center of the roof on my old Subaru wagon. I wanted solid DC and RF ground, with the antenna load spread wide on the roof panel. It worked perfectly. I drilled a hole through the roof right under the main deck of the mag-mount, cut the coax on the mag-mount down to about 1.5' in length, fed it through the hole in the roof, and soldered on a PL-259 connector. I screwed an MFJ-993B auto tuner through the headliner and to the roof right under the mag-mount, and connected the short coax from the mag-mount above to the tuner below. All sealing from the elements was taken care of with "Goop" brand sealer. It's much more durable and secure than RTV.

So, coax from the tuner to my IC-7000 and battery booster mounted behind the rear seat, along with control and power cords between the radio and tuner complete the installation. In general, it simply rocks. My motivation was restrictive covenants that made even balcony antennas intolerable at my home QTH. This setup beats any balcony antenna I ever tried here, and most longwire antennas as well.

When parked in my driveway, and bridge heights are not a problem, I screw the 4.5' MFJ extender stick under whichever HamTenna stick I happen to be using, and my signal improves even more. At 13' or so overall height above the roof combined, the 75 meter stick poked up that additional 4.5' above the roof of the car is a DX wonder. I have been bagging confirmed contacts all over Europe, and throughout the US on a daily basis on 75, and while it's easy to discern that I'm not running a KW, I almost always hear remarks about how good that 100W mobile station from Central NJ sounds.

All tuning is done through the 993B tuner, and it delivers a 1:1 match to the radio everywhere within the band of interest with a press of a button. I will buy a 40m stick soon, but in the meantime, about 70' of insulated wire tossed over a tree in a nearby parking lot, and attached with an alligator clip to the whip of my MFJ 20, or 75m extended HamTenna stick delivers full coverage on 40 and 160m, with a fine signal, and instant tuning from the radio or mic "tune" buttons.

It has simply amazed me, and I have been at it for decades. Maybe much has to do with the top mount, solid, direct grounding, and close mounted tuner, but if the loading sticks were anything but well made, my signal would suffer. It doesn't!


From: Bob KØRC
I wanted to use the MFJ-1675T on 80 cw during the MN QSO Party and was disappointed the lowest resonance was 3.740 MHz. The whip included is too short to tune lower in the band.

I had no difficulty tuning the 40m and 20m resonators into the CW portions of those bands.

I am using the MFJ 3-magnet mount on the top of my SUV.

I jury-rigged a short term solution by sacrificing an old 5/8 wave 2m whip and clamping it in parallel with the existing whip. This provided enough extra capacitance to bring the resonance down where I needed to operate.

I need to fabricate a permanent solution. I could machine a \"donut\" that sits at the base of the whip and supports a horizontal \"X\" style top hat to drop the resonance lower into the 3.5 MHz range.

MFJ should include a longer whip or manufacture a resonator that will cover the lower portion of the band with the existing whip.

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