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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1724B.

From: Al McDonald MadMac 320
I purchase this 2 meter antenna for my Yaesu FT-2800M for a temporary antenna system. While waiting on the shipment for Memphis Amateur Electronics, I saw a Wilson 2m 5/8 wave antenna at the local electronic store. After purchasing the Wilson, my MFJ-1724B was on my porch. I decided to try the Wilson first and then the MFJ-1724B.
The Wilson was tall and had the whip lean at highway speeds. I then tried the MFJ antenna and it was 19" long compared to the Wilson at 36". I tried the same calls I did with the Wilson and to my amazement the MFJ covered more ground. I paid $25.00 for the MFJ and $54.00 for the Wilson 2m. The MFJ was very attractive compare to the Wilson, Having a SWR of 1.1 straight out of the packaging!
Congrat's MFJ for a Job Well Done.

From: pete kj6mev
I\'ve had this for over a year. It still looks
and works fine. Magnet doesn't move around on freeway.
Price is right too. I'd recommend this to anyone looking
for a good performing antenna that doesn't cost a lot.

From: Johnny w5jrj
I use mine mostly as back up on my Icom 706MKIIG. Gets the job done without any problems. Excellent on 440 side. Best I think for the money.

From: Ron S KD0WZG
I bought this antenna partly based on the other reviews, dealer discussion and without a doubt this was the best purchase for my portable Kenwood in a mobile application. I can recommended this company's products from experience now.

From: Doug KD6LOK
I purchased this antenna in the fall of 2015. I used it with a HT with wonderful results right out of the package. I actually have two one on a Honda Accord that I drive hard. The other is on a 4x4 that has been is some brush. Both antennas have performed great, even at speeds that I won't publish here. I just purchased a dual band mobile so am thinking of at least one more for my 4x4 pickup. It certainly gets my recommendations.

$159.95 each

ANT. SW., 4 POS., 2.5 KW PEP, 0-450 MHZ, GND, LP.
$89.95 each

$159.95 each

HF/VHF/UHF SWR ANALYZER, .530-230 MHZ,430-520
$429.95 each

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