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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-1868.

From: Dave Medlin N/A
I replaced an old discone with this antenna for its lower frequency coverage, and this antenna rocks. The solid construction of the machined radial mounting ring, mas mount, and overall construction scheme is wonderful compared to the other discones I've worked with, and the weather-protected connector mounting location inside the mast is a superb idea. I could only wish that the antenna either came with RG-8 or no coax at all, as 50 feet of RG-58 has horrendous losses at the higher end of the spectrum this antenna will cover. I put the coax the antenna came with in a box in favor of an LMR-400 lead-in. Overall, a 9.5 out of 10 mechanically. I don't have a SWR bridge that will operate high enough in frequency to evaluate the electrical performance, though.

From: Tim Gunther KC5EQW
I recently ordered & received your discone antenna and am very impressed by the speed of delivery & the quality of the product. I've seen a few of these antennas and have never seen one this well built from quality materials. Billet machined aluminum hub, 1/8 inck stainless steel rods. Get out of here !!!!! It also performs beyond my expectations. Cannot thank you enough


From: Randy K5RHD
I have one of these hooked up to my Yaesu Ft-8900R that is acting as a base unit. It is 30 feet above ground at my QTH. SWR at 2M is nearly perfect with just a few points that rise to 1.1 or 1.2 to 1 and nearly the same at 6 Meters with a little jump when you get close to 54MHZ - I could probably stand to tune the whip a bit. On 6 meters SWR is 1:1 at 52.525mhz! I can easily receive signals on the upper part of 10 meters (my radio is FM only). I don't have an SWR meter to measure 440, but I am sure it is OK. I can hit repeaters 60+ miles away on 5W with full quieting. Get this antenna up as high as you can and you will have GREAT results. I agree that the unit should be sold without any cable - reduce the price and let the buyer choose their own. Easy to assemble - less than 10 minutes with the correct tools. Great antenna and customer service from MFJ! Construction and build quality seems fine but we will see when the winds kick up here in NM next spring. - 73s Randy, K5RHD.

From: Scott Todd N0BST
Installed a few of these as replacement EAS monitoring antennas for some radio stations I work for. We had been using the Radio Shack ones but they were too fragile. Having assembled both I can tell you this one is by far the better of the two- solid rods vs. hollow, and no itty-bitty hardware to lose. Spend the extra bucks for this one, you won\'t regret it!

From: Tim K4TK
I haven't been able to get mine up on the tower yet. My plan, was to put it together on the ground and then pull it up to the tower at the 48 foot level where I have a side mount with an exiting AR-2 antenna. going up and removing the AR-2 was no problem. Pulling the MFJ discone up to the mounting point was no problem. That's when things got REAL tricky. with the 8 32 inch radials spreading down and out....and the 8 11 inch horizontal radials....I found that while strapped to the tower, I just didn't have room to really mount the antenna. I tried anyway. The first disaster struck when the mast that attaches to the antenna slipped out of my grasp and fell to the ground (obviously that is MY fault!). when I got it back up top, I found it had been badly damaged. So much so I probably couldn't get it back on while up on the tower. But as I tried to assemble the mast a bit longer, suddenly I heard something falling down the tower. It was one of the 32 inch radials. It just popped out of the threaded mount. Because I was strapped to the tower with my climbing belt, there just isn't enough room to deal with all those elements popping out everywhere.

In the end, before lowering the antenna back to the ground, in addition to damaging the mast from dropping it, I popped off 4 of those 32 inch radials.

I lowered the antenna to the ground in defeat. I also realize I can't return it....since I dropped part of it and caused that part of the damage.

So I can hear the argument "you should of put the radials on after mounting the antenna". But that isn't going to work on my tower. It is being mounted on a 3 foot standoff. I can barely reach out to it to install an antenna while strapped to the tower.

So for now, I reattached those radials by pounding them back into the hole they go it with a hammer. Then I used a liquid steel puddy to bond them on better. It looks ugly, but i'm hoping it will hold....if I can ever get it up in the air. I'm waiting to hear from a friend who has a boom truck with a bucket. I'm thinking that is about the only way to get this thing up in the air on a tower like mine. I can't see try to install those radials on a three foot standoff up at the top! Hopefully the boom truck and bucket will do the trick. And hopefully, the radials will stay for the longhaul no matter wind, ice, heat and cold, etc?

So my chief complaint so far, is the design of those radials. I think it could be a better design? I just hope this think (if I get it up in the air) works and lasts a while. I thought about just putting it on a TV mast and putting it up about 30-35 feet. That would probably be a much easier install no doubt?

From: Dennis WU6X
This is a great antenna, extremely well-built. I've been using it on 6m, 2m and 70cm with good results, even on 6m. Also, using it with a software defined receiver on public service and FM broadcast.

From: Scott Todd N0BST
I've been ordering 1868s for EAS receive antennas at many of the radio stations I take care of. I've been using them to replace the Shady-O-Rack ones which were fragile and had oodles of teensy parts. These have none of that and are much easier to assemble and much more rugged, having solid elements rather than hollow. The other ones would break just from wind fatigue. Definitely need the 1868 vs the other MFJ discone since NOAA weather radio is vertically polarized and the whip aids reception.

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BALUN, 1:1, 1.8-30MHZ, 1.5KW
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