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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-225.

From: Tim K4YCX
This is a very nice little antenna analyzer that performs as advertised. I was a little disappointed that it came neither with a power supply nor rechargeable batteries, given the price. But it does power up nicely with USB power from a computer or an external USB battery pack. For portable use I found that a small portable back-up battery pack that might be used for charge your cell phone or iPad works great as long as it has an output for USB (which most do). The digital screen is decent indoors although the resolution is just so-so. Overall, if you value a digital read-out with a graphical sweep across a range of frequencies, plus the opportunity to connect directly to a PC (which I have not yet tried), then this could be your device!

From: Don KA0GWS
Owned the MFJ-225 for 5 months; Installed NiMh AAA batteries as instructed. Powers up nicely via USB using my iPod AC adapter. Each display mode seems overwhelming at first, just takes some getting used to with a little patience and practice. Calibration is simple and straight forward.

This unit performs as advertised - very stable and precise tuning by selecting tuning steps and going to your desired frequency (in SWR Graph and SWR Sweep mode). Once tuned to 14.101MHz, it stays on 14.101Mhz, no drifting!! SWR measurement is comparable to my AEA SWR-121 HF Analyst (purchased in the late 90's) - the MFJ-225 is much faster when plotting.

Velocity Factor in 2.CABLE mode is easy to adjust. The trick is to determine the best velocity factor (value) to use of the cable being measured. It gave me a length of 37ft using velocity factor .66 for RG8U - changing V-Factor to .78 gave me cable length of 41ft. Actual cable length was 44ft.

This thing really works with the IG_MiniVNA and the PA7N VNA software. Using a Windows 8.1 laptop with i5 processor. It's nice to graphically capture and output (print) for reference. I also used to validate an old Bencher Low Pass filter and where the band pass was (at 62.5MHz!) - even have it printed in color :) The IG_MiniVNA provides more functionality. Powers via USB interface cable from the computer nicely.

Drawback of the MFJ-225:
1. Battery drain is fast! I get a good 2~3 hours of use on full charge. Tried various NiMh types and values with same results. SWR readings get a little "jumpy" when battery indicator is around 4.5V.
2. Navigating through each of the modes takes some getting used to.
3. Requires additional cables and adapters to utilize the USB->PC mode with either VNA software.

Not sure if it's firmware upgradeable for future expansion or capabilities.

Wish List: Include UHF range, such as 220Mhz and 440Mhz.

Would I purchase the MFJ-225 again? Yes
Would I recommend purchasing: Yes

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