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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-4275MV.

From: Steve Gregory KG6SIX/VK3
Just received the new MFJ4275V supply from MFJ, set it up on 240V and plugged it in. I previously used an MFJ4245MV to run my TES 0552G RF AMP and could only run on CW. It always tripped on SSB as the rating of the earlier supply was BA (Barely Adequate). The new 4275MV is perfect for the high current 12 volt amps and does not trip on SSB and allows fullr ated power of 380-400 watts pep.
Connecting the heavy duty leads was a soda, I just used an old car jumper lead, cut in half, twisted the 1/4 inch copper strands up neat an inserted in the gold plated 75 amp screw lugged connectors and did up tight with some pliers. No chance of any arcing (we are talking welding currents here). Another neat feature is that the fans don't run, so you can run your receive system and preamp without the loud noise of the fans like in the 4245MV. The 4275 has Cig Lighter 10AMPS, Quick conenct x 2 10 amps each, red and black terminals at 40 amps and the modern rig plug in at 35amps. On the rear is a battery connector rated at 20 amps making for a real neat no-break emergency supply in the shack. I am going to connect up my old marine battery to this terminal. I think the p/s runs no break and switches over if the power fails. Thats my 2 cents worth. I paid $399, good value at this price. Light weight too, came USPS 1st class air.

From: Donald Boosinger KD6HQ
I've been using this supply for only one week now.
I use it to power my Ameritron ALS-500M amplifier at home.
So far, it seems to be working well but I have not used the amplifier
at full power yet. One thing I did notice that most of but not all
of the RF hash is gone. I still see and hear it on 160 and 80 meters. Have not noticed the hash on any other bands - yet! Also if you want you can switch the voltage input to 220V if you like.

From: Walter Bryant KB6HRT
Brought the MFJ-4275 switching power supply almost a year ago after one of my Alinco 32 AMP power supply failed. I had two Alinco 32 amp power supply's in paralleled to power my SG-500 amp. The MFJ- 4275 is now doing the same job and holding up well. The MFJ-4275 has a cooling fan that works only when under load, so not a lot of fan noise with it, but you can tell its working when under load, which is a good thing .............KB6HRT

From: AL K3ROJ
Very nice power supply to run my TOKYO 144 MHz amplifier at 400 watts. I recommend running it on 220 volts however to prevent any current inrush, at first I did run it on 115 volts with no problem until I ran a new 220 fused line. No hash problems and now I am running 400 watts on 2 meters, I actually worked a moonbouce station.K3ROJ.

From: Paul St John NA4MM
I have been using this power supply for over two years now with my ALS-500M amp without any problems. The fan is a little noisy. I have it under my desk so I don't hear it that much. I do not have any hash on the radio from it. Love this thing. My old 60 amp power supply gave me back pain every time I had to move it. 73

From: Mike Elcsisin KK2DOG
My positive review of this product was deleted from www.eham.net for some strange/unknown reason, so here goes:

I bought the MFJ-4275MV to power my Ameritron ALS-500M mobile amplifier here in the shack and so far it's worked flawlessly. It easily provides the needed current to obtain maximum amplifier output and I haven't noticed any "hash" or interference at all from it on the HF bands. This power supply was a toss-up between an Astron 70 and I think I did pretty good.

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