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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-915.

From: Herbert OE5BFM
Dear Hamīs!
At time I use a Wire with 40 feet length and a 1:9 Balun (Unun).
Tuner is the MFJ-945e.
I had lot of RF in the Shack, especially on 40 and 80 Meters.
So I bought thie MFJ-915 and I must say, I was really surprised!
No more RF in the shack and I think, the efficiency of my so called antenna, hi, gets better.
So I recommend this useful equipment especially when using short antennas.

From: Roy Dickinson N5SWE
RFI problem solved!
When operating HF from my motor home, the automatic step would retract (with step switch off)and not come out again (two steps). The XYL was not a happy camper after the first nose dive and she was REALLY not happy after the second one in the dark with no steps.
I installed one of the 915's on each end of feed line coax. XYL is a happy camper again!
I use these Ferrite Bead isolaters on a Gap Titan vertical, G5RV and Dipole.
Buy a spare, they are cheap!

From: Bob Meinerding K8BM
This product saved the day for me. I recently installed a GAP Titan Vertical and got into a real nasty problem with rf interference on my FLdigi software and a boatload of interference problems on electronic equipment in the house. The MFJ-915 solved them all. Digi software works like a champ and no interference to the computer speakers etc. Don't hesitate to use this product for a variety of rf interference situations.

From: Robert Fain KC8PX
Having moved into a restricted neighborhood, I was forced to utilize my home drains as an inverted L. It also activated my Garage door opener, set off my wired whole house fire alarm system and messed up TVs and VCRs! After buying and using the MFJ-915, ALL of these issues disappeared IMMEDIATELY! I could not be happier! Great product!

From: Dwayne Ve3wsh
I found that mfj 915 was worth it's weight in gold. I found it starts off slow in blocking rf but it improved the longer you transmitted. I used analog tv 9 inches from tx with good results when tx.

From: Walt Sepaniac N5TQ
Works like a charm. My solid-state amp was tripping on 40M despite a 1:1 SWR, so I suspected transients in the feedline. I installed 2 isolators, one at the feedline entry to the house, and another in my shack. Problem solved! Amp works great on all bands. Oh by the way, they lowered my noise level on receive, too.

I won't have a shack without these in the future. N5TQ

From: Ed Rodrigues KB6DRN
I was having trouble using a auto-tuner on a long-wire antenna. There was enough RF in the shack to lock up my computer (I was running J65 & PSK) and set off the Carbon Monoxide alarm.

After installing several toroid chokes on various cables which only minimally cured the issue, I installed the MFJ-915 at the radio side of my auto-tuner and the problem was gone. This isolator is a simple and inexpensive fix for RF riding down the outer conductor of the coax.

I'm getting ready to put up a non-resonant vertical antenna and will definitely place a 915 Isolator on that system. KB6DRN

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BALUN, 1:1, 1.8-30MHZ, 1.5KW
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