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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-929.

From: Joe Riplinger W4ONC
I purchased the MFJ-929 Auto Antenna Tuner from Ham Radio Outlet last week. I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that it does everything that was in the MFJ Catalog Description. I am very happy to be the owner of this equipment and plan on purchasing other MFJ products in the future.

From: Mitch Gill NA7US
The MFJ-929 is one of the best tuners out there. Simple to use and does everything as advertised. I have never been disappointed by MFJ products.

From: Art Roberts W5AER
I have been using my 929 for several months and it works great. I use it with a Hustler 6BTV vertical and a homebrew inverted "L", and it does the job.

From: Bob Lade W9UCR
I've had my tuner ever since they came out, and except for a defective transistor that MFJ quickly repaired for me the unit is functioning well. I use the Hy-Gain AV18VS vertical and it loads fine on all bands with the tuner. The antenna works only fair on 40 and 80, so I have eliminated the loading coil and now I can use the antenna with the auto-tuner on all of the higher bands w/o having to change coil taps.

I use the FT-857D and the FT-450 rigs on HF.

From: Neil W2NLS
Wow, this works like a dream with my Icom 746 Pro and the Icom interface cable. It is much faster than the Icom's internal tuner and it tunes my G5RV to the lower portion of 80 which the Icom's internal tuner cannot handle. On all frequencies and bands though (including the 10-20 M beam) it is much faster, tunes to a lower swr than the Icom can achieve and with the metering in addition there is no reason to ever NOT have it inline. Interfaced to the 746 Pro, the tuner is called up by the 746's TUNER button and operation is transparent and intuitive. No problems at all, a wonderful device and kudos to MFJ!

From: Herb KC5HMC
I have been using this tuner in a mobile application. Much safer than trying to turn knobs!! It has held up to the beating of an F250 truck and keeps on going. Great tuner.

From: Bob KB3TJS
This little tuner is GREAT. It will tune almost anything to my Icom tranceiver.

From: Leandro IW2MXD
Recently I bought a MFJ-929 auto-tuner to be used with my Inverted-V dipole and FT-897D. I'm very satisfied with it!

To understand how it works in detail and to find out the ZLoad of my cables+antenna from L/C values read on the 929's display, I decided to write a little program. Thanks to it, I reached a deeper knowledge about my station equipment and above all I appreciated this auto-tuner performances.
(For those of you interested in playing with this simulator, it is freely available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ltuner)

73', Leandro, IW2MXD

From: Simon IK1WGZ
Absolutely the best! It works with my ft 897 and my OCFD & end-fed antennas like a dream! thanks mfj!

From: Graeme Hudsmith G4LTM
I needed an external ATU and after many reviews of Auto ATU's I choose the MFJ 929 Intellituner. The problem I had was my yaesu FT-2000D in built atu would object to any vswr greater than 3.0:1.0 indeed the Yaesu's manual for the FT-2000D states that the in built ATU may not tune a G5RV, which I am using. Results using the MFJ 929 have been impressive to say the least. results have been correlated with other power meters and reference loads. Yes the build could have been a little more professionally finished a little more attention in the Q.C/Q.A dept, other than that more than satisfied with the MFJ 929 performance. Would highly recommend this unit.

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