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Customer Reviews for the MFJ-971.

From: John Morman KE5YGC
I've owned this tuner now over 2-Years. It does every thing
I've asked It too. Very Good Job MFJ.. 5/5 you'll like IT.

From: Dick N2UGB
I have three, count 'em. One kept at another QTH, two at the home QTH. Strictly QRP. Never put them to the QRO test. Opened them up and set them for QRP readings. Great. Use a 'lil 902 with the FT-817 internal swr meter but prefer a less ball-park swr reading. So the 971 in line helps sqeeze out all of my five watts with a more precise swr/power display. As I don't operate in the field, I prefer the larger but still manageable size of the 971.

Now MFJ...here is what I want. A new version of the 971. Same size (including depth!), but color all black, bypass switch (essential), and only QRP. Really make it good and solid.

I think you could have a real winner for members of the QRP community who do most of the ops at home and don't want an auto tuner.

End of ramble.

From: jack KKI
Certainly has done what I've needed it to do. I've used it mainly with my HW-8, but occasionally use it with the TS570DG. It has been a great addition for QRP work. Very satisfied!

From: David KJ4YQK
I received the MFJ-971 Friday on the 22th of Oct 2010. If you are operating QRP this tuner is a must. It works better than my old MFJ-941.

I had to open the unit to set the jumpers for QRP mode. I went ahead and looked around inside. The unit appears to have been put together well. There was also a little red sticker on the bottom of the unit, which I believe is a QA sticker. If this is the case, MFJ has a Quality Control System in place. The case and the lettering on the front face panel looks good.

Operation: The unit tunes as advertised. I am able to tune my antenna by ear and be spot on.

My rating: (1-10): 10 buy

From: PHIL Sanford af8h
It's all about service. You guys back what you sell. My MFJ-971 had a crack in the meter support and you answered my questions and sent me the piece fix it.

From: Ron Salamanca N3GGT
I've owned one of these tuners for 6 years now and it is in use daily. A very good product and reasonably priced! For mountain topping you can't beat its compact size. I would highly recommend it !

MFJ always provides great products at reasonable prices. The 971 works flawlessly. I love the small size and built in meter. I now own two of them. Perfect for portable or fixed operations.

From: Hans wa1ufo
A great little tuner! I only use it with 100 watts and my Yaesu FT 840 so cannot speak to QRP use but it loads my 75 meter
Ocf dipole well from 80 to 10 meters inclusive with a decent match about anywhere.The antenna is coax fed with a six to one balun.The one thing I would add is a bypass switch. By 73s !

From: T. J. Mitchell WY3H
I have owned my 971 tuner for more than 10 years and it does exactly the job needed. Very satisfied.

From: Kelly Reynolds KE0JBV
Tunes all but 160 meters well. Wish it had a bypass switch too.

AUTO TUNER, 1.5KW, 1.8-30 MHZ
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